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Medusa's Makeup offers a variety of eye dust, pigment eyeshadow, glitter eyeshadow, bright mineral eyeshadow, gel eyeliner paint, cosmetic brushes, eyeshadow primer, eyeliner seal, glitter adhesive, color mascara, Cheer glitter, Halloween makeup & neon makeup.  

eye dust pigment eyeshadow

Eye Dust 
48 colors


Matte Pigment 
24 colors


cosmetic glitter powder

48 colors


bright mineral eyeshadow

Eye Shadow 
24 colors



Eyeliner Paint 
8 colors


eyeshadow primer

Stick it! 
Eye primer


cosmetic glitter adhesive

The Fix 
Glitter adhesive


eyeliner sealer

Eyeliner Seal 
Creates liquid liner


Maracuja Oil





Neon Face/Body Makeup

7 colors






color mascara

Color Mascara 



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eye dust, eyeshadow, glitter, color mascara, eyelinerpencil, gel eyeliner