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Medusa's Makeup offers a variety of eye dust, pigment eyeshadow, glitter eyeshadow, bright mineral eyeshadow, gel eyeliner paint, cosmetic brushes, eyeshadow primer, eyeliner seal, glitter adhesive, color mascara, Cheer glitter, Halloween makeup & neon makeup.  

eye dust pigment eyeshadow

Eye Dust 
48 colors


cosmetic glitter powder

48 colors


Eyeliner Paint 
8 colors


bright mineral eyeshadow

Eye Shadow 
24 colors



Eyeliner Pencil 
Black Panther



eyeshadow primer

Stick it! 
Eye primer


cosmetic glitter adhesive

The Fix 
Glitter adhesive


eyeliner sealer

Eyeliner Seal 
Creates liquid liner


Maracuja Oil

3 sizes





Neon Face/Body Makeup

7 colors






color mascara

Color Mascara 


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eye dust, eyeshadow, glitter, color mascara, eyelinerpencil, gel eyeliner